I salute the Doctor for this noble cause

I salute the Doctor for this noble cause.I hope the youngesters in medical profession will take a lesson from this gesture of a doctor & follow the same, whenever needed to earn blessings from Almighty Allah.

God forbid but Even after that … something happens to the patient…the doctor and only the doctor will be held guilty with heavy fines,mental trauma…and multiple allegations and court cases

He must have been asked to prove that by his higher ups…a sad reality

If anything happened to that patients people would have blamed him for running 3kms saying that his exhaustion caused a surgery failure…

Traffic jams are less hazardous.There are danger to Doctor‘s life & vehicle hijacking during night emergency visit to hospitals.I narrowly escaped such horror once.After that incidence ,I used to stay in hospital during night on my emergency day. I completely stopped going to hospital during night for any emergency,unless & until hospital’s Ambulance picks & drops me at my residence.

Time to reassess who should be given beacon lights in cars

Doctors do need beacon lights more than MLA or MP

This is just superb. I have also some insane experience while working in Shillong where I used to go at 2 or 3 am between the clouds in rains just to save my patients as I had no choice other than bike. It’s the zeal to treat that works. God bless this Surgeon.

When can we see such stalwarts getting recognised by the government and administration?

Such professional person does not do for any recognition, it’s humanitarian service and devotion to dedicated services to save one’s precious life. Attitude reveals.

Hospital / world doesnt give a damn f*** … we despite of so many hardships do our duties and media on other hand portray us as doctors swims in money ….

Great act but nonsense people wont understand ur devotional act n effort s

Just curious. What was such an emergency that he could still do it laparoscopic and not open?