I scored 525 in neet 2019 and obviously

I scored 525 in neet 2019 and obviously I also get frustated that neet is going to again postponed but how some person become so selfish that they always satisfy their ego by saying don’t postponed neet and jee they never think about covid patients never think about old people frustated students . I want to ask one question are u going to top the exam because if answer is no than how can u say that your preparation is complete? they are just showing that they are prepared well enough but it’s not the question of your ego stupid .I mentioned my score bcoz I know one asshole come and say that u r not prepared for exam

You r right dude …this exams really needs to be postponed this deadly pandemic of corona going to rise more then it’s pick level if this exams happens because this is a national exam …many students are going to attain for it which can endanger the students along with there parents by covid or they even may lose there lives due to covid …not only this problem many places are been flooded where no transport system is possible specialy the poor …they cant afford a private vessel …some students exam centres are far apart how r they gonna reach to there centres by lack of transport …some can afford but what about the others many problems are there in this time …so how this exams gonna be held …how the 3 hours exams became more important than people’s lives …there is real need to postpone the neet jee exams the government is for the people they should be thinking for the well being of people