I secured 649 in INICET 2022 and 1075 in NEET PG 2022

Hello everyone,

I am Dr. Sukhdeep Singh. I secured 649 in INICET 2022 and 1075 in NEET PG 2022. I cudnt even qualify NOV INICET 2021. It wouldn’t have been possible without MARROW. I want to thank all the marrow faculties for helping me in achieving this milestone, but especially Abbas Ali sir, Sakshi Arora Hans mam, Rohan Khandelwal sir, Manisha mam, Ranjan sir, Krishna kumar sir for making this preparation phase a little easier with their flawless classes and efforts to keep us motivated.

I had joined another coaching institute in third year but cudnt sit through the long 12 hour sessions and then I decided to go with Marrow as my only source after internship. These are my best ranks including even the marrow GTs. I will be forever grateful to Marrow team. They have provided us so many resources esp the revision videos which gave me alot of Confidence near the exam.

I am in no position to tell anyone what to do but I will just share, which if I am not wrong, what abbas sir used to say in his videos— You are not preparing for this exam , You are preparing for the Revision.

The key probably is to keep pushing your limits, knowing your weaknesses and working on them. Your only competition is YOU.