I secured marks of 691 in neet pg 2021

Hii guys

This is Bhanu chand, 2015 batch Guntur medical college, Andhra pradesh

I secured marks of 691 in neet pg 2021

Iam here to share my journey

First I want to thank my parents, my family and friends who are constant source of motivation and helped me to reach this height and I want to thank and congratulate Deepu sebin sir,all the marrow faculty and marrow tech team for making such a wonderful app, I had never seen such a great app (medical learning)

• I subscribed marrow plan C in my internship since then marrow was my only source of preparation I completed watching four subjects in my internship and most of the remaining after internship I started doing question Bank from last two months of internship and I completed all most all subjects from marrow except anatomy and some part of medicine

• marrow qbank is ultimate just trust it and give time to it, it will take you to your dream branch. There is misconception that marrow is vast I want to say something about it almost all the institutes give the same information and same subject and same concept you refer any class notes of any institute 80 percent remains same which will be learned by all people but what gives you edge is remaining 20 percent,I think marrow helped me to gain that 20 percent and knowledge you earned and learned never go in vain ultimately we are not learning to just clear neet pg but we are learning to treat the patient

• And another thing I loved the most is pearls they helped me to revise the short subjects multiple times as they are crisp and concise

• Almost all the faculties are my favorite especially abbas Ali sir,sir you are so damn good that I attended your face to face classes 3 times, your concept of 20th book really helped me ,last 5 days i read only 20th book I want to suggest all the future aspirants please please please maintain 20th book you can’t open all the books in last moment just write the facts numerical imp points graphs and formulas whichever you want revise it will make you revise efficiently and decrease lot of stress and anxiety Rohan sir,Manisha mam,Sakshi Arora mam you people are amazing thank you so much,proud to be your student

• I want to share some of my strategies I followed through out my preparation

  1. Group discussion: i think this is the best method to retain the things for long period, I discuss a lot with my friends we used to prepare our own questions and discuss among our selves it will clear your doubts and gives you healthy competition

  2. Studying hard vs studying smart: in this rat race of competition I think both are important reading 10 to 12 hours a day does not fetch you any results if you don’t know what to read and how to read ,making time tables and sticking to it will help in complete in more efficient way and help you to study more smarter, adding little bit extra salt or little less salt will change the taste of recipe balance is most important

So study hard and smart

3.Grand tests: I used to give almost all the grand tests which are in live they helped me with time management in final exam and identify my weak and strong subjects and topics which helped me to revise accordingly what I think most important is reviewing grand test is more important than giving grand test, reviewing helps you to revise 200 topics and you will know your weakness, giving grandtests without reviewing is waste of time according to me

Once again I want to thank all the marrow faculty for helping me and all the best to future aspirants

Thank you😊