I stutter sometimes in front of faculties and seniors,

I stutter sometimes in front of faculties and seniors, my seniors make fun of it, I feel so bad that I can’t even speak clearly, can anyone help? Thank you

I will say , whether they laugh,or make fun of it ignore that( might be tough) but remain so confident , even over confident eventually there frequency will decrease to shame u

Consult a speech therapist asap

I had tongue tie,a little stutter, mild cluttering since childhood. I was referred to psychiatry and speech therapy.I operated my tongue tie during Mbbs days, started working on my speech myself using YouTube videos everyday and it helped a lot. when I learned to talk slowly my stutter and anxiety disappeared. Still finding it difficult to pronounce words with too many ‘R’s in it but it doesn’t bother me now. If stuttering is hampering your mental peace give psychiatrist and speech therapy a try. Best wishes

Consult a speech therapist if you want…but dear no1 is perfect like an Instagram picture…

I have a broken face,have scar Jst under my brows,have heard meanest comments…but I own my scars now…dey r mine n show my journey…

Ppl who laugh at u pretend to be prefect,but actually dey rnt…be confident about ur flaws coz everyone has one…its ur flaws which make u who u r n if dey r so rude to laugh at u…sorry buddy u might think ur stuttering is a prob,but I see bigger problem with der overall character n mindset…luckily ur stuttering can be brought to aid with therapy,but personality can’t chnge…next tym they poke u,ask dem to correct der character flaw 1st…best wishes