I tested positive for covid 19 on 7th December

I tested positive for covid 19 on 7th December since then I was in isolation and had last spike of fever this Sunday so according to gov.Uk guidelines one should be 48 hours symptom free in order to break isolation. So I had off of 17 days from my trust will it cause any problem or do I need to give any proof. In 17 days 6days were my normal off in rota. I’ll be grateful for guidance.

What kind of problem are you worried about?

There should not be any issue otherwise.

This uncertain situation was not in your control.

Take it easy on you and i hope that you’re feeling better now !

Inform your occupational health first on call that will sort out your urgent shifts like next 2 days.Email them on their designated email to know about the guidance in future.Whatever the advice is follow that.That email will be your proof for any future inconvenience caused by anybody.