I’ve officially had my last doctors appointment regarding my ACLR

I’ve officially had my last doctors appointment regarding my ACLR. The conclusion from my 1-year check up is the following:

  • The looseness in my knees are completely identical (5mm), which is very unusual for someone who’s had ACL reconstruction. All knees should be able to give a little, and 5mm is normal for unoperated knees. Usually you have a 10-15mm DIFFERENCE from the operated knee and the “normal” knee.

  • My knee stops very nicely where it’s supposed to when you pull the tibia in relation to the femur.

  • Jeppe (the surgeon) indicated that it was some of the best he had seen in terms of results and would be very happy with the result even if it had not been as good.

  • None of the nerves in my tibia has been damaged during surgery although it is common in this type of procedure.

  • Got the green light to play both soccer and go skiing etc. If the muscle mass and mental aspect of it allow it. (My ligaments can DEFINITELY handle it)

  • “It is beyond all expectations” “The result CANNOT possibly be better with an ACL reconstruction”

Thank you for the fight, Jeppe (orthopedic surgeon), Bob (physiotherapist), Charlotte (physiotherapist) and Stine (physiotherapist).

Hard work pays off.