I was posted in general surgery for two months

I was posted in general surgery for two months. At the end when i was leaving, my pg didnt even know my name. It was shattering after all the work i did. But its okay, thats just how it is

Are you there to impress HOD, PGT, cointern or what?? Just do your allocated work and get your completion certificate. No one remembers any intern as they take interns for granted. If you can learn Maskagiri, it will help you a lot in the long run because egoist people always crave for fake praises and this area is filled of such people.

Hi dear don’t take it personal.Your focus should be taking completion because that’s super important.No one will remember an intern . Take it as a positive experience with pinch of salt that u are exposed to work place politics because work place politics would never leave u. I know it hurts like hell but that’s how life is for interns and later for residents . Its just a glimpse of future residency . Thats how juniors are treated . This is work place politics and innocent people like us unfortunately suffer . Don’t cry or be depressed . In my hospital their were some residents not all but some who would actually ask caste category and would favour an intern accordingly. For example st category resident would be nicer to st category intern , patidar to patidar, etc . They would ask each other from which village or city they belonged to and form a brother hood . Thats how they are . I remember a ortho resident Dr kartavya i don’t mind taking his name he was very toxic to me but in the end I earned my completion . I

Hey, let me tell you one thing.

During my posting I got posted in one such unit which no one wanted to choose. I got it and some other person also got it. She got it changed then and there and i am being the good intern never thought that was the option. I spent 1 complete month there, daily duties. When I got to know that i had a chance to change the unit but i lost it I thought I lost my NEET pg seat too. I also got to learn very less and mostly did paperwork.

If it’s clinical then you can see the patients, charts, can revise during rounds, can read about the disease in the ward patients.

I did so because at that time i was reading a book ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING where I realised that it’s me who has the power to choose the effect of situation and result of it.

So, yes change the attitude. There are many who face the same, worse and better. It’s just timings differ for everyone

You will have much more confidence in life

Just trust that.

Do you know what I realized after giving every ounce of my strength while working? Nobody remembers the interns,nobody cares- most people don’t barring a rare few. Most don’t even remember your name. The SRs and consultants ask their PG1 if he or she has worked hard, and mostly they also don’t deny because that is not very important in the midst of everything going on the lives of the PG1. So do your work to learn, and you’ll feel happy. Don’t reply back to that idiot- can’t wash mud with mud. Remember- no one cares as long as the work gets done