I went to nodal centre for the counselling

So today i went to nodal centre for the counselling, at the nodal centre, there was a medical happening, ent, opthal, surgery,medicine clearance were needed . All went well. But i had to go to collect my reports in emergency lab, so there was a sr of i dont know path /biochem/whatever, the girl who was staning right in front of me got her reports done, in which her fbs was derranged, and the sr told her to repeat it next morning, the girl was saying mam give me the reports, i have come from very far, and i have a flight to catch, but the sr denied that she can’t give the reprts cz it shows that she is diabetic.
Then i said mam being a diabetic doesn’t stop you to become a anansthetist right? Why aren’t you giving her the reports?
She said cz i want to be absolutely certain that she doesn’t have diabetes!
I again tol her that being a diabetic doesn’t stop you to become an anasthetist.
Then she said the words, you must be opting for ortho Or suregry? Tell me what it is.
I said ortho
She said yeah yeah i get it beta, perpetually arguing has to be a sugeon!
Bhai din ban gaya!

And then the girl you stood up for planted a kiss on your cheek and your FBS shot up as well?

Oh no no brother. Is there no film