I wish all people read this post, and spread it further

(I wish all people read this post, and spread it further)

Remember this, the highest deaths in the world are due to heart attack due to increase in cholesterol.

You will know many people in your own home who have increased weight and cholesterol.

America’s biggest companies, medicine worth billions to heart patients in the world.

Selling (heart patients)

But if you get hurt, the doctor will say angioplasty (angioplasty). In this operation, the doctor puts a spring in the heart tract called stent. This stent is made in America and its cost of production is only double dollar (Rupee unbelievable or unbelievable

The same stent is sold in Pakistan and India for lakh rupees and you are looted. Doctors get commission of these coins, that is why he repeatedly asks you to do angioplasty.

Cholestrol، BP ya heart attack

The main reason to come, Angioplasty Operation. This is never successful for anyone. Because the doctor who keeps the spring in the heart tract is just like the spring of a pen.

In a few months this spring, on both sides, blockage (cholestrol and fat) starts to collect. After that comes another heart attack (heart attack)

Doctor says do angioplasty again. You loot millions of rupees and your life goes out in it.