I would advise try consulting a psychiatrist

I would advise try consulting a psychiatrist. Not for treatment but for lending you an ear. Trust me it ll be immensely helpful.

Don’t overthink. 1st year is all about clerk kind work. Make better use of time now, join any nearby hospital instead of using the free time to stress out.

Regarding confidence, I agree it’s importance. But overconfidence in our profession can be way more dangerous than under confidence. U will be extra cautious in whatever you do.

Be confident and do something positive everyday. It’s tough and mentally challenging for everyone after delay in exam and counselling. Good things will happen in future.

Join a centre or library where there are friends or people whom u can talk and spend time while u study.

First have ur original name if u can…and then be unapologetically urself…come what may…we all r ALIVE and there can be no better thing than that…LIVE…BREATHE…then we’ll think about the rest…rest everything can be sorted now and then.

Ananya u r 100% correct…ananya i have strong belief tht we can get any thing and every thing if we will work hard in right direction continuously … example is we started from Abcd and now we r here as a doctor…nothing can stop us if we will have firm belief with hard work in right direction…

Trust me during this preparatory phase, it happens to the most optimistic and confident ones in our field, too. I was in the same boat, questioning my clinical abilities. I recently joined a hospital as rmo and it took only one week to adjust. The skills you learn in internship will never fade away. Infact, I can make better diagnosis now in ER because of enhanced theoritical knowledge and talk better with patients. It’s just a matter of time. It’s okay to have these negative thoughts in perhaps the darkest phase of your life. But never let them define who you really are. Respect your timeline and trust the process.

You are probably feeling insecure… You are afraid of the ‘Start’ of your pg… It is not as hard as people always portray… You will be able to easily go through… Do not worry… !

You can DM if you need any help!