I would like to share something with you all

Hi guys … I would like to share something with you all. In this moment of uncertainty hope this helps.
Well , I belong from 2014-2015 mbbs batch. I was very average throughout my mbbs academics . I passed my profs mugging up few facts and learning even fewer concepts. But as I started preparing for my neet pg it was well evident that I was far far away from this race. To even have a remote chance of selection it was well evident that I had to cram crazily within whatever time I had.
I decided to take a drop. Did what I could,but still the chances of getting a good seat seems very pale. Well that’s not the point though . Why I am writing this is because I know so many people are out there who might be in the same situation as mine. But people who are in the same situation as mine feel too intimidated and insecure about ourselves that we can’t even open up to anyone to ask for help or suggestions. The online platforms and rising competitions have literally dwarfed our self confidence so much that we start getting doubts about our skills as well . There are days when I start questioning my capabilities as a doctor when I see my gt results. But we don’t speak about this at all. Approx 1.9lakh is gonna give neet pg. But no one gives a damn about the last 1.7 lakhs who won’t be getting a seat of their choice and will have to make a re-entry in the circle of doom again. And to make this situation even worse we have relatives who suddenly care about our career very much. Starts giving expert opinion why should we join jobs immediately. I would like to pen down some things ,if you have time please go through them

  1. Never ever question your skills as a doctor based on entrance exams. Don’t let others dwarf your self confidence or capabilities anymore. I have seen guys skipping their duties in internship and cramming sitting at home to Crack the entrance. And some of them got selected too. Well kudos to them. But if you were honest during your postings and didn’t get time to study it’s no shame to take a drop ,trust me. We all have different paths of life. Success will come to us if we truly desire and work hard for it.
  2. Don’t get into a job if you don’t have to right now. If you wanna serve the nation that’s very good. But don’t get into a job just because relatives have started your career counselling suddenly. Because these hypocrites will tell you how you should serve the nation for free but the only thing they brag about is their son or daughter’s huge salary packages. Please don’t let them get to your nerves.
  3. Please be empathetic. Towards patients ,towards your colleagues. I have seen people from choicest branches laughing at people who weren’t at par in their entrance and had to take some paraclinics or non clinical. We judge non clinical pgts more than a post menopausal indian woman or a testosterone depleted uncle judges a girl in a short dress. We have become so apathetic and judgemental towards our colleagues that it pains be. Empathy, communication and open heart is something that no rank is gonna give you. Please hone these skills as well.
  4. Please don’t give up your passion. The stream we have chosen is gonna take a piece from our soul everyday. The stress , rat race and crazy duty hours will degrade us as a human being everyday. Please feed your souls with what you love. It’s okay if you can’t hammer facts 24/7 sitting in a room. People who can do that I have immense respect for them. But majority of us aren’t like that, so please don’t try to be someone you aren’t. At the end of the day no amount of salary, luxury car or foreign tours is gonna make you happy if you aren’t happy from within.
    Well not trying to be Sandeep maheswari of this group. Please don’t think “khud ko seat nahi milega is liye ye sab gyan pel raha hai”
    But even after completing MBBS with our blood and sweat if we still feel we are inadequate, somewhere we have failed miserably as a community. Please look after you colleagues. Uplift them , help them. I hope we all get through this storm together. Above all I wish empathy and humanity prevails.

Beautifully written…and it’s so so true

Let me tell you one thing.Out of those 1.9 lakhs, only 35k will appear for it seriously.I mean this, dekh clinical subjects sobai pore, bottlenecks gulo avoid kore ba sincerely pore na, jara pore tara 35 k er moddhye ashe.

So dont see the numbers, give your best.

It’s so relatable… Thank you so much for it

Excellent writeup bro…

Awesome thank you for such a wonderful post