I would like to thank all the Marrow Team

I am Parth Jakasaniya a student of GAIMS, Bhuj (Batch 2015)

I would like to thank all the Marrow Team for your Immense efforts without it I don’t think this result would be possible!

Also I would be indebted to my Parents , my Brother and my Friends!


AIR- 2155 in NEET PG 21.


(Haven’t read anything since NEET PG,.! Than How did I got this? I think, Only due to my method of preparation. I have Explained it below)

Now, For the Fellow Aspirants

(For those who have less time to prepare and want to gain much)

I would recommend to use Marrow in following way

Give GT every 7or15 days review it thoroughly for next 7or15 days

Review it like -

For example, if you got a question wrong on Lipid Storage disorders than go to the QBank Modules of Lipid Storage Disorders be it in Biochem/Pathology/Pedia and solve it(Go for Video Lecture if you are scoring less than 60th percentile)

The Benefits of this Method is

1.You are unknowingly focusing on IMP topics and making it strong (As Marrow GTs are highly researched and based on previous Year exams questions)

2.It will make you eager to give next GT and to improve the score.

(Because you have reviewed the Q from previous GT , so now You are confident to solve any Q from Topics which you have reviewed)

Repeatation of topics form huge part in NEET PG Exam

Now continue this cycle and you will reach a stage where you will be Discussing after giving GT that ,ohh Q from this Topic came or Not.😀

3.It will not be MONOTONUS, you will be jumping from Anat to Ortho to Surgery and so on. (This will help you in making Integration of subjects and Topics)

4.Also believe me, by following this method you will be reviewing Imp Pearls for like 50-100 times!!!

(When you are reviewing the Explanations while doing Q or reviewing a GT)

So, Basically what I did was instead of preparing 19 subjects , I prepared around 2000-3000 Imp Topics for Neet Pg . I have covered 70% syllabus but in a different perspective which made my learning INTRESTING and ACTIVE.

It will be hard initially to follow this method because as we are wired with ‘complete this Subject in 5/6 Days’ age old method.

It may works great for some ,but it didn’t for me so i tried a different approach.

At last The Golden Rule

"Qbank is a Learning Tool "

“GTs are Testing Tool”

Any further query will be welcomed

Contact me On my facebook or Instagram (@jaksp_03)

Signing off