I would suggest everyone eat healthy and think healthy

Hello everyone,
I would suggest everyone eat healthy and think healthy :blush:
You people invest all your time making people healthy and end up following unhealthy life style for yourself
Invest some of your time 1-2 hr in morning for mediation and pranayama
Pranayama is different from yoga
Pranayama is breathing exercise makes your lung healthy by delivering 100 % oxygen to your brain
As we spend most of our time reading :open_book: indoor
VitD also important as you all read in your book
For girls iron / B complex
you feel great when you are healthy inside :blush:

Well I followed these advice and transformed my life
I hope you people to follow the same Do not forget to read some of spiritual books :books: in your free time :blush:
This may look boring life style but you can have junk food once in while in month
I don’t like smokers :sweat_smile:
I stay away from drink too :nerd_face:

But you ppl can have once in while
I do not promote smoking and drinking at all

posting this as I have seen so many post about exam anxiety and stress :blush::woman_health_worker:t2: and

as I have seen some post about Amir mullick which I don’t like it at all :face_with_raised_eyebrow: if you don’t like the way he teach don’t follow him no need to defame him , some people really like the way he teaches and no body wanna listen bad things about their teacher that’s normal human behaviour , Any type of negative emotion are unhealthy ( anger , jealousy etc
No need to get jealous from anyone try to focus in your own life and trust me you won’t get time to talk about other people
Everyone got their own unique style to do things try to find your own unique potential to do things :star_struck::blush:
Love you all take care :v:t2:

Stay healthy and rock your exams