If any faculty members going to reply to this or convey this to concerned authorities?

If any faculty members going to reply to this or convey this to concerned authorities ?

I’m sorry if i sound bad but this is heights of torturing someone… it’s been more than 60 hrs .

I renewed account only till Inicet which means I’m just preparing for INICET & every second is very precious for me & their email talks takes so much time.

When I call them, they say

“Wait 24hrs for their reply”.

Is this right?

What should i do to make them believe that I’m a genuine person seriously preparing for INICET.

I’m crying since they blocked my account because of this silly reason & not even telling what they want me to do.

They Just asked for explanation & I sent but they didn’t reply back.

It takes 24 hrs for their reply. 😭

This is hypocrisy…

& Sad to see facilities who says wrwu are not even bothering to reply & seems like they’ll make this post delete soon frm this grp too.

I submitted my original documents & if still they don’t believe , they can do video call varification or can ask medical questions to me to varify if I’m a doctor or not or can see my result details if they think I’m not an aspirant preparing for pg.

it’s been 60 hrs since they deactivated it.

All of them just care about their promotions & their advertisement but no one speaks anything against such torture.

The option of give test “anonymously” doesn’t show up in mobile mode (yes almost never) … very rarely i saw it coming in mobile phone & I don’t have laptop… & sometimes i just submit test papers all qus in 1-2 mins so that i review it thoroughly ,to save time i do that , I focus more on reading those 200 topics thoroughly than to give as 3 hrs test so just submit all qus randomly within mins. I don’t want my name to get displayed there on rankboard & that’s why I keep it as “pg aspirant”.

Is it crime?? Why would i submit my original documents if I’m not a genuine person…

Instead of correcting the glitch in their app they are torturing me