If i can do it , anyone can do it

If i can do it , anyone can do it

I joined MBBS just because my father had enough money to buy me a management seat in a peripheral medical college in kerala. I failed in my UG entrance miserably

I was always a below average student. I somehow manage to pass my 1st 2nd and 3rd prof in the first attempt but luck didnt work out in my final year. I failed for my surgery practicals in my final year. I gave my exam after 6 months and did my internship.

Along with my internship i gave my neet pg for the first time in 2019 which ended up in a worst possible rank one can imagine. And after my internship everyone was dopping a year to prepare for the neet pg. so i had to go with the flow. I didn’t have the courage to not drop a year and work. I started studying.

That year was the worst of my life. I had to go through a 4years old relation breakup, family health problems, financial constraints. I even thought of running away. And when the exam came i was not at all prepared. I somehow managed to get 40k where my ex girlfriend whom i broke up with scored better and got DNB ENT.

Due to the financial situation and all other insecurities i started working in a near by casualty as RMO. But somewhere deep inside me there was a fire which says i should crack this exam. I read everyday without a break. I became consistent. Perseverance was the key. I was all set for April 2021 neet Pg but then the exam got posponted. In between my marriage got fixed for August. At that time exam was planned for April. But the plans changes the wedding hall and all the arrangements were already made.

I was ot of my studies again with marriage preparation and post marital programmes. I sat again to study on September 1. The next 10 days was like hell to me. I punish myself to the core that i even vomited reading. And finally exam happened and here i am writing this

All i have to say to my fellow aspirants who didn’t get what they deserved this time. Apna time aayega. Perseverance and self trust is the key in a long race exam like neet pg.

This may not be a great score or a rank for most of the people here but i am more than happy with whatever i achieved. If a below average student from a peripheral medical college who became a doctor just because my father had enough money like me believed in me you guys can do wonders.

Trust the process

Perseverance is the key

Believe in you

Signing off

Score 599

Approx Rank 2799