If I get alloted in AI R3 and do not report the seat

If I get alloted in AI R3 and do not report the seat…will I be able to participate in State R3?

Why you block seat if you don’t want the seat.

It will allote to needy.

Don’t fill choice in Round 3

sir why don’t you ask mcc to make a counseling process rule that prevents seat blocking…rather than saying it here…why wouldn’t I fill the choice?

why don’t you ask the toppers to participate only in AI or state counseling and stop seat blocking? Will you do that? Is it ethically correct to tell someone?

Why do you want to fill a choice you dont want ? Dont be blocking seats. Fill choices that you will accept.

the question is not about blocking seats or about me…it’s a question candidates are having in mind… question is can it be done?
do you have the authority to tell someone " don’t fill the choices"? I think that’s stupidity

No sir , I just talked to west bengal counseling according to them in pg rule is different and according to new rules alloted candidates can participate , but admitted candidates are not allowed to.

You will be ineligible in many states including karnataka, kerala, tamil nadu, west bengal etc.