If I get seat in ROUND 1 all India and applied for ROUND 2 upgradation,

Myself Naresh,

If I get seat in ROUND 1 all India and applied for ROUND 2 upgradation,

But dint get upgradation in ROUND 2.

Bcz I’m having a chance of getting good seat in state counseling ,

If I LEAVE THE SEAT OF ROUND 1 All india counseling within 48 hours of ROUND 2 all India counseling,

WILL they refund my security deposit ?

Thank you sir .

Don’t do this…u r blocking someone’s seat

Dont do it. If you have a better chance. Go for state round 1 and upgrade from State round 1 to state round 2

The clause of ai r1 seat resignation within 2 days of ai R2 has been removed from all india information bulletin this year as mentioned above. And in mds, where it was the same info bulletin, a notification was shared before ai r2 that if ai R1 seat is not resigned before an ai r2 start deadline, ai R1 seat would be considered as an ai r2 seat and round 2 rules apply.

Now exactly how this would be implemented we would not know,

  1. mcc is unlikely to clarify anything beyond this. They usually don’t provide any clarifications on queries which border on seat lapse. They will keep it open. If they provide fine. If not it is a huge risk if you have a better state seat possibility, holding on to something you don’t want

  2. so best option is to decide on ai R1 seat before ai R2. And if not interested in ai r1, resign it before ai R2 starts.

Not sure how state counseling comes into this sir. Actually the decision between ai R1 resignation, ai R2 choice filling and results is around 10 days or less. Unless there is a state R1 result during this timeline(which would not happen for most states), your decision would be easy as no other factor changes.

Sorry that the reply is long, but it is complicated, and wanted to mention the risk this time and the options.

Will be posting in detail in group once the counseling scheme shared also confirms the rule change.

Will aiq round and state round go together or in sequence ?