If I join dnb seat alloted in mop up round and later

If I join dnb seat alloted in mop up round and later on if I want to leave the seat, will i be debarred from appearing in the coming neet pg exam in May 2022. If I do get debarred will it b applicable to only dnb or neet pg (MD ms exam). Kindly guide

I hope everyone else gets this much mature and reply to the point instead of starting to mock the person “jab nhi lena tha to fill kyu kara”

You wud be debarred from nbe courses, stipend u earned during this period will remain with you (first year fee will be gone, around 1.5 lacs).

Also, few colleges do have such points like you must not have resigned any pg course in last 3 years, but such examples are very few.

Mostly, aiq colleges will allow you to get a seat through n2022 neet.

No you will not be debared from DNB. That rule is for those who take final admission. Don’t hear what people say take decision as per your convenience.

No, u will not debarred from any exam or seat. This rule for DNB admitted candidate. HerePeople r misguiding you.

Is there a time limit to leave the dnb seat without getting debarred for the next 3 years?

Better not to join if prep is good enough for neet22. Rules keep on changing. Mcc may take strict action against seat blockers