If I'm offered a WAST post beginning in Feb 2021 and ending in Feb 2022

Hi everyone, I’d really appreciate your help with something.

If I’m offered a WAST post beginning in Feb 2021 and ending in Feb 2022, what happens after the posting ends in Feb 2022?

Is it easy to get non-training jobs starting at that exact point to tide over your stay in the UK till the beginning of a IM-Training job? Or do people usually have to come back to their home country and then re-apply for training posts and leave it to luck?

I’m really confused about how these things work and would appreciate all the advice you all would be willing to offer. Thank you!

You can apply for psychiatry, GP, and anesthesia training to start in feb. I’m a feb intake wast dr and got offered a psych training post.

If you’re not interested in them u can ask ur trust to offer u a post as a trust grade dr for 6 more months till training starts.

Its a bit more competitive for the psych and gp posts in feb as there are less number of vacancies compared to August

Hello, if you join an August intake, you get to apply for IMT on December and by the time your wast contract finishes, you can have the training job ready by next August. For Feb intake, the only option available to directly join is GPST. Alternatively, you can find any other trust grade job with same/different trust. But that would need change of sponsor and a new Cos