If the pil gang/anyone wants to file a case for equal/minimum stipend across country

If the pil gang/anyone wants to file a case for equal/minimum stipend across country, pls do now, not before counselling. If a case is filed now, there’s high chance it will get accepted too… we don’t ask for 1L like AIIMS, but working as a sr for 36h for 40-50k is humiliating… Let alone paying back student loans, even day to day costs can’t be met for many

, some seniors & may be hod, earn more for prescribing medicine & lot of commission taken by them in some private colleges.& Not only medicine, other thing’s commission also.

Ask for working hours limit instead of increased stipend . Students are commiting sucides for work load, not for stipend…

students don’t commit suicide because of workload. They commit suicide because of departmental toxicity. If a department is good and not toxic then even heavy workload and long working hours is bearable.

instead doing suicide, expose that kind of neisusance if it is hod or senior, may be some help found.

workload Is not a problem… Residents are the lowermost in the hierarchy so they have to take the load of the system eventually. But it would be much merrier if we are atleast paid better

If not equal stipend everywhere, it shud be as per tier of city like govt jobs

Karnataka private colleges stipend details 2021-22, many state private colleges do not pay stipend , Andhra pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu,pondicherry, uttar pradesh rajasthan etc, after charging high fees residents are not getting a single penny paid by the college …

u can’t expect private cuz they simply want maximum profits… so whatever they pay is good. But govt colleges should pay equally across as working for 60k is not enough for most with loans.

All current residents should also help out in this… I’m sure even u don’t like working for 50k so much