If we feel like it won’t get accepted?

Everybody must have get the email regarding the NEET-PG application edit window. My doubt is, wil they tell us if our uploaded images are acceptable or not? Or we need to edit it by ourselves if we feel like it won’t get accepted?

If its accepted…its done

how to know if its accepted…

If provisionally not accepted or there is any fault in your thumb, signature or photo, they will tell you about it…otherwise if it shows accepted, then it’s done.

It shows accepted but I feel my picture clarity is not good and also I have some doubt about my signature&thumb impression measurement. What should I do ?

Where does it show accepted or not?

Amr photo er clarity thik nei, webcam diye tulechi, kmn kalo kalo dekhacche r signature & LTI, previous year a jeta tulechlm setai upload kari diyechi, measurement ta ei year nki alada chilo. Ekhn bujhchi na abar change krbo nki thakbe otai!
If you want to edit this post, just edit it yourself, but NBE must accept that APRIL2-4 is open, then open the edit window!