If you don't eat meat, you will sit on the bones!

If you don’t eat meat, you will sit on the bones!

  • Vegetable eaters have doubled the rate of bone breaking of the hip especially in comparison to meat eaters.

If you stop eating meat completely, it can soften the bones and increase the dangers of fracture.

An extensive study has revealed that calcium and protein amounts decrease in long-term vegan consumers. The process goes forward and weakening bones and even decreases injury infections. It falls directly on the bone which can also break the bone of the hip especially.

Some investigations earlier found that vegetarian bones could be more affected by injury and fracture than meat eaters, however, the detailed observation and its scientific reason did not work. Now in this regards. A major survey has been conducted that involves thousands of people.

This survey started with the name of Epic Oxford has been closely reviewed by 65 thousand people since 1993 The survey was actually started to assess the effects of diet on cancer in the UK. But it’s not. Also used for more diseases. Noted the connection between dietary habits of thousands of people and hospital going incidents.

Since 2010, vegetable lovers have been seen doubling their hip bones in comparison to meat eaters.

The risk in meat was slightly higher than meat eaters, i.e. 25 percent.

On the other hand, only those who eat fish and seafood also had a high risk of bone breaking.

According to experts, vegetable eaters break 20 bones per one thousand people in an average ten years, with a low rate, but have a high rate of fracture, i.e. bone-infected or hair-crushing. Especially the elderly. Hip bones can be the most affected in people. This survey shows the average age of the participant was 45 years.

But the same survey also shows that if you prefer to eat vegetable continuously, the risk of cancer would be 10 percent in the next 15 years and the risk of heart disease would also be 20 percent. Is it.