If you get have Full GMC registration

Hey guys. I made a post yesterday asking for advice, and one of the comments was that getting into FY1 is very difficult for IMG’s, and that getting into FY2 is easier. Is this true? And if so would anyone mind explaining to me why (said commentor refused to explain why)? I’ve been following this group for about a year now and I was under the impression that getting to FY1 was easier because there are more spaces open than in FY2, so I’m super confused now
In simple words

If you get have Full GMC registration, you don’t need to wait for any programme, you can start applying for any non training junior post which are advertised every week, all throughout the year. A basic online interview and you start work in the NHS, get the CREST form signed and move to training.

That’s how most IMGs start in UK.

If you don’t have internship from home country & are waiting for FY1 role, that I beleive open once a year.

Not impossible but the first route is much easier for most.

You can have a look at past competition rations but the future competition rations are hard to predict.