If you have some time to spare, please give it a read

If you have some time to spare, please give it a read -
A man couldnt give time to his family due to his work, his wife didnt complain, but his children complained one day , " Dad, why cant we get some more of you? Why cant we go out for lunch and dinner together sometimes like other families.
Dont you love us? He kept silent and then their mother spoke out, “you should be proud of your father because he remains out so that we all can stay indoors, he works his ass off to attend all those people who once hated doctors but still end up being at the hospital.
The children said, " we also want to become doctors when we grow up”. Their father said ," no my dear, you wont think of becoming one when you get to know how much hate and criticism i have to go through everyday.
The children asked anxiously, why do people hate and criticize doctors?
Their father replied, “its because that is my only source of income, people always criticize me by saying that we doctors are only after money.”
So dad ," are you after money"?
The man replied, “Yes my children, i am after money, infact everyone on this earth is after money, the only reason people hate me is that because i get money from the hospital to look after the patients.
If i would have only wanted money , i could have started a business with all the money i invested on my medical education, i could have opted for lucrative jobs and other kinds of investments and then broke apart and couldnot stop his tears infront of his children.
His children hugged him and said, “dont worry papa, we will go out whenever you will be free. "
Hearing this, the man asked his children,” so my children , do you still want to become a doctor when you grow up?”
To this question, they answered, “Yes dad, we still do”.
P.S - “Its Just an imaginary story which came to my mind and i dedicate this to all the frontline workers who are working their ass off , but still have to face criticism and harassment from the public everyday just because they get paid to save lives.”