If you have symptoms of fever cough,

If you have symptoms of fever cough, pains in the body and your test of corona is positive or even if negative as false negative is also very common that must be confirmed on chest CT. So if symptoms consider it to be corona, start taking precautions and do the following along with Duas, Astaghfar and Sadqa.

A. The things you need for home management

  1. Thermometer

  2. Pulse oximeter. You can get a small wireless one for Rs 3000

  3. Disinfectant solution in spray bottles (1 part bleech or dettol + 10 parts water )

  4. Gloves, masks, protective aprons

  5. Separate utensils for food better disposable.

  6. Hand santizers.

B. Now basic precautions and what a care giver needs to do:

  1. If it is necessary to go to the room of an infected person then Use PPE when getting close to patient with N95 mask goggles or face shield and gloves and dispose off after leaving the room. Otherwise complete isolation, don’t enter the room. Leave food outside in disposable plates and spoon. Or normal dishes if the patient can wash himself.

  2. Frequent use of hand sanitizer before you enter and after you leave that room and apply disinfectant spray to all the handles and knobs of the door.

3.Separate washroom for positive patient and patient to use spray solution generously after every use. If number of infected persons are more then allocate one washroom to all positive people.

4.Room isolation of patient is of course mandatory.

5.For dirty clothes, wash all clothes with standard detergent and warm watter

C. Now the medical aspect.

  1. Panadol 2 tab when fever or aches and pains.

2.Tab Azithromycin 500mg OD for 5days/ for those with heart disease substitute it with caps doxycycline 100 mg.

3.Mucolyter sachet three times a day in a glass of water.

  1. Hydoxycholoroquin/chloroquine 200mg for 5 days should be started preferably after ECG

Awake proning for 1 hour or as much as possible after every three hours (lying in prone position and taking deep breaths) proning is ulta laitna.

D. Now Lab parameters to be done every 72 hours.

  1. CBC

  2. Procalcitonin (for super added infections)

  3. D dimers (for coagulopathy and one of most critical) if raised hospitalisation maybe required or anticoagulant is necessary

  4. LDH, Ferritin and CRP (Inflammatory markers)

E. Now coming to herbal things and gharelo totkay:

  1. Sana makki Ka kehwa (herb can be found easily from herbalist) kehwa with honey. Take daily

  2. Olive oil drops, one in each nostril x BD

  3. Kolwanji, few seeds twice daily

  4. Neem k pattay ka powder, 1 pinch x BD (Great symptomatic relievee for throat irritation)

  5. Khajoor

F. Vitamins:

  1. Zincat syrup 1 tablespoon daily

  2. CaC 1000 / osnate D or any calcium1 daily

  3. B complex 1 daily (surbex or neurobion or any good preparation

  4. Vit D (5000 unit once a week) or any preparation containing 500 units to be taken daily

G. Now food:

  1. Daily caloric requirement should be achieved. High protein diet. If doesn’t eat anything because of anorexia then supplements like liquid Ensure etc

  2. Add fresh fruits and vegetables.

  3. use milk shakes

  4. A lot of fluids

  5. Standard roti, chawal with salan at meal times

H. Now most important religious aspect

  1. Namaz and Allah sy dua

  2. There are alot of duas for better health and for astaghfar which can be found easily online.

  3. Remember to give Sadqa in every step to maximum of your capacity.

  4. Don’t loose hope. emotional break down is quite common. Allah’s help is the only answer. Dua has its taseer and should be an integral part. Pray with full confidence. Allah is always there to help you.

In home management, you can manage a pateint only to a limit after which you may need hospitalisation.

I. So coming to alarm symptoms which require immediate hospitalisation:

  1. Oxygen saturation reaching or less than 94%on rest, that you can see on pulse oximeter applied on nails of finger or toes.

  2. Altered mentation

  3. Any signs of dehydration

  4. Tachypnea( increased breathing) of greater than 25 breaths/min.

  5. Visible respiratory distress on rest

J. Symptoms which you may think are worrisome but may just need sometime.

  1. A lot of Aches and pains

  2. Fever spikes (up to a point where these are managable by panadol)

  3. may have few episodes of loose stools but usually self limiting

  4. Some shortness of breath on exertion, walking, going to washroom (looking for oxygen saturation is critical again).

  5. Developement of any rash

  6. Anorexia

One last thing, this infection is extremely contagious.

It is again stressed on seeking medical guidance before you commence to home management.

JazakAllah khair