If you want to decide whether you should do DM or not based on someone else's opinion

If you want to decide whether you should do DM or not based on someone else’s opinion, better sort out your priorities before taking md medicine. And he’s just another person with his own opinion. You need not be disheartened by what he says. There are many MD medicine people who are doing pretty well in their life.

very simple . everyone have their own opinion . i have se en MD Anotomy MD microbiology earn more then 10,000 a day in their own clinical set up and i have seen MD Radiology guy working for 60,000/- (month due to his family issues have to settle down in a home town thats why) . its completely depends upon you the way how you practice medicine . everyone have their own opinion . even dr. Deepak Marwa sir told that he was an average student in med school but slowly he read and parcticed it to be perfect in everything . avoid this rubbish thoughts in your mind

Medicine is golden as always… once into residency you will feel the urge to do superspeciality and u can surely sail thru… since cracking neet pg is the major hurdle…And in tier 3-4 cities and suburbs , md medicine is good enough… take up medicine…No second thoughts abt that

If you are so easily swayed by opinions of others and unable to make decisions on your own, maybe you are not mature enough for residency. If the opinion of others or the possibility of a difficult path deters you from pursuing your dream branch, you are not passionate about it. Your post graduation stream is not just a branch, it is a lifestyle. But take it unless you are fully committed for the highs and lows.