Im a General physician in México

Hope someone can give me advice. Im a General physician in México. What would you recommend is better and easier to do? Physician assistant or medical lab assistant? Also considering doing family medicine speciality here in México and than going to Canadá. Is there a program that would allow me to practice family medicine there without doing residency again? Lost of questions. Trying to figure out what the pros and con of everything are. Thanks in advance.

You are MD, you don’t belong to low level jobs. Get in the clinical trials. No exams, no licence to practice, as MD you qualify for all high level roles, chronic shortage of staff, ever growing field, plenty of new clinical trials, especially now with the virus, high salaries, can go independent after 3 years. Get informed from several sources. You can prepare in advance for such roles

Here comes the marketing Thread. Now some marketeers will pop up here start advertising their clinical trial courses saying how people are making millions w that 😅.

My two cents here: if anyone offers you some course, it’s a scam.