I'm a second year Resident Doctor of Community Medicine at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU)


I’m a second year Resident Doctor of Community Medicine at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). I’m originally a resident of Patna (Bihar).

This post might seem irrelevant to many, but I’ve been just wanting to share my views (read as rant) for long. I’ve always been fascinated by this field and while I’m in it, I can vouch for the fact that not everyone is meant for this branch, and that’s fair enough. But the reason I told my place of residence is because, when I talk to people from my State, who keep on telling that it’s not a good branch or the opportunities are limited and one should never opt for it, I just want to ask them how much time and energy have you given to the branch to be able to know about its opportunities and complexities. And that holds true for almost all the states I guess. For most of the people, there are only few types of doctor that exist and everyone just wants to do private practice at the end of the day, which is okay, but what gives you the leverage to throw half baked knowledge about a field of Medicine that you haven’t done justice to? One won’t be able to calculate the sample size for a study at the end of their Residency and they have the audacity to say that the branch is the problem. And how much Research and evidence are the clinic branches people producing to be able to practice the so called “Evidence Based Modern Medicine”?

It’s better for the whole Medical Fraternity to get rid of this elitist mindset and the sooner the better. No one cares about being good in the field they’re in, but everyone wants all the opportunities, luck, fame and money for themselves. Too many illiterate literates amongst us, whose priorities have themselves dug a grave for them so that they can take all the money with them that they keep lusting about.

Bhai kehna kya chahta hai?? Whatever you say end truth is that we are doctors and we meant to treat patients. So any time and any day Clinical branch is all that suits to be Called as Dr.

no body underestimate any branch but reality may be bitter but true,dont think every body come here to earn,the satisfaction we get when we diagnose a case of multiple sclerosis or sjogren syndrome is imparellel,that cant be found in spm