Im having my acl reconstruction and meniscus tear surgery this coming July

Hi guys! im having my acl reconstruction and meniscus tear surgery this coming July. Usually how long can i able to walk and work post op? any recommended pre surgey work out also? thanks

Hoping for your successful surgery and speedy recovery but it can take approx 4-6 weeks to complete recovery. But you can continue with your daily routine within 2-3 weeks.

I was told the to put as much pressure as u can handle 3 days later. But as far as walking walking it’s all what ur body can do

I honestly recommend a walker. It was so much easier. Also a chair in the shower

If you are having your meniscus repaired too, depending on what kind , usually it’s a little different recovery. Straight ACL people put weight on pretty quick. I had ACL and also had a complete bucket tear in my meniscus and was not allowed to put any weight and was ina brace for 6 weeks.

dunno how old you are but the young ones recover faster than us old people lol

actually it was a long injury already, first dx was only partial acl tear then i just do rehab then but still got reinjured again and aggreviated to full acl tear and meniscus tear, i think surgery is my last option… btw hows ur knee after ur surgery?

I had ACL and meniscus surgery a year ago. To be honest I’m still in pain pills. I did the physical therapy, cortisone shot acupuncture nothing has helped. Actually acupuncture recently made my knee swell so I ended up at urgent care Wednesday lol that sucked. But every road is different

oh im sorry to hear that. thanks for rhe advice. Hopefully u will have a full recovery.

I feel the ACL part is fine it’s the meniscus area that hurts still