I'm Positive (Asymptomatic+myalgia) Plz give ur advice

I’m Positive (Asymptomatic+myalgia) Plz give ur advice…

Anyone,asymptomatic with myalgia should do covid test ???

sure 24 I had both orbital pain whole day I took ibuprofen400 then again on 25 aprail orbital pain started then again I took ibuprofen on third day 26 Monday myalgia whole body pain Monday morning to evening I felt myalgia but unable to recognise why this is happening…and again I took ibuprofen on Tuesday 27 after 11 morning jab sab kuch theek nhi raha some problems discomfort like temp.feeling then I myself did r.a.t. within second got positive line.and started all treatment 28aprail I did rt pcr as on 29 evening became 100% positve…this is with me and now feeling normal take all treatment at home but me to yahi kahunga yadi having any one symptoms any symptoms kindly dont wait go and do test either rat or rtpccr jo availability according

T.P650 sis

T.Pantocid D BD (b/f)

T.Azax 500mg OD(if no cardiac issues) or else go for C.Doxy 100mg BD for 5days

T.Limcee 1-0-1 for 7days

T.Ivermectin 12mg 0-0-1(3) 2hrs aftr dinnr

T.D-rise k 60k IU 0-1-0(weekly once fr 4wks)

Have plenty of water…

If no URTI,have tender coco or fruits…

Have plenty of veggies and two eggs per day…

Steam inhalation twice a day

Betadine gargle twice a day

Monitor Spo2 4hrs once ND temperature 6hrs once…make a chart…Since you already mentioned that you are positive, so I assume you are RT PCR positive.
Now for the treatment part.
Tab pcm650mg(any brand) SoS for pain management
If the pain is unbearable, go for
Zerodol-P sos
Plenty of oral fluids and rest.
Tab limcee 500mg BD ×10days
Tab zincovit OD×10days
Go for symptomatic treatment instead of popping antibiotics , antihistaminics like candy.