I'm surprised by the number of queries I get regarding the subject " ANESTHESIA"

I’m surprised by the number of queries I get regarding the subject " ANESTHESIA"
QUEIRES LIKE " Can i make money?; is it a good branch?
If yes can I settle in a small place?..well I would love to explain this…face of anesthesia .Since many of us are under exposed to this subject in UG we dont really know how it works.

  1. As a subject its quite interesting- I mean who doesnt want the power to knock a person out…in a jiffy
  2. Theory is quite dull and exhaustive becz you got to know about every subject a bit…but practically its fun
    3)As a PG you can learn tricks and trade of blocks,USG usage…
    Pain management .GA and spinal is mandatory ofcourse.
  3. early to rise in practise as you can be your own boss.
    If you learn certain things which are reqd basic for a practise .none can stop you
  4. pvt sector- sweet talk to surgeons…, making frndz is your virtue then this subject is for you.
  5. practise- Nowdays Anesthetists are reqd even in a diagnostic centre like MRI
    Endoscopy/ colonoscopy/ eus/ ercp/ angiography.
    Even if you visit 3 cases of this each .You are already minting.
  6. Peripheral practise- Anesthetists are unsung heroes… and they dont make much noise too.- C section; abscess drainage and other emergencies you r paid more in periphery. Finding a good Anesthetist for a small icu is a pain actually…surgeons or obg ppl dont wanna learn all AbG’s and ventialtor settings…so here you r a God!
  7. Opd practise- so many belive that there is no opd for Anesthetist. But that aint true.
    Do you know there so many pain clinics now which run like opd for chronic diseases and none can do this except Anesthetists …giving pain injectable blocks…
  8. only con is less recognition however that’s changing nowdays patients meet Anesthetist too…they take thier own consent…before surgery.
  9. Critical care- Any ICU is revenue generating for a hospital…
    So they are always looking for a good Anesthetist.So many ppl are attached to multiple ICU"s and they are again happy with the money.however critical care is a bit exhausting branch
  10. Super speciality branches- cardiac , neuro, critical care; pediatric and many more.

Every year So many jobs come up both in govt and pvt sector.
So whoever is gettin anesthesia and is cribbing about it.
STOP RIGHT NOW and get going.
You r the hero behind the curtain…
You are the dark knight…that Gotham needs not deserves though