IMA opposes gov's proposal to allow dentists practice modern medicine

IMA opposes gov’s proposal to allow dentists practice modern medicine

NEW DELHI: Government’s proposal of allowing dentists to practice modern medicine through a bridge course in order to tackle the shortfall of doctors in rural areas is facing stern opposition from the Indian Medical Association (IMA). The proposal has already received a nod from Prime Minister Office (PMO) on 9 April 2019. According to officials in the ministry of health and family welfare, the notion is to scale up the medical education in India.

IMA has alleged that idea of bridge courses and mid-level practitioners to fill the gap doctors in rural areas is a myth. “There is no shortage of doctors in the country. 63,250 MBBS graduates come out of 494 medical colleges of India. India has only 23,729 post graduate seats. The fact remains that the Government does not have the capacity to absorb rest of them," said Santanu Sen, National President, IMA. “Every year the unemployment amongst young medical graduates is a cause for great concern. The frustration of these youngsters with a decent undergraduate degree in medicine has to be addressed," he said.

When the government proposed to let AYUSH practitioners practise modern medicine, under the National Medical Commission Bill 2017 a similar opposition from IMA and other doctors came up. “The government’s attempts to provide half baked medical care to the citizens through mid-level practitioners are dangerous. The Government should give permanent postings to MBBS Graduates in the 1,50,000 wellness centres. Adhoc postings are unacceptable. This is nothing but cruel exploitation of these hapless young graduates," said R.V. Asokan, Secretary General IMA.

IMA has always opposed any development on the part of the govt. Increase of medical seats…oppose…increase in pg seats…oppose…bridge course…oppose and then say lack of doctors in the country.

Good move. Just redistribute the current crop of doctors and it will cover up most of the defeciencies.
England is suffering from severe shortage of doctors in NHS, but they are not making the horrendous decision of putting up bridge courses from other medical areas to cover up that. They are trying to increase the funds and try and convince doctors to stay in england. Thats what should be done. Not putting up some illogical bridging and destroying Modern medicine here.