Imagine everyone around 1

Imagine everyone around 1. to work at work and take forward. In One Word, this is what you need.

Not everyone who has 2. David suffering does not want to see fever and burden. A good share of David patients and there won’t be any symptoms at the beginning. So don’t reduce your thoughts even if you think it’s okay to see a person.

  1. Don’t donate hands with anyone. Because it’s not easy to know that someone is not sick. So stop social distancing even if it’s co-workers. It will protect us from them and them from us.

  2. Be careful that your fingers don’t even reach your face, if you listen to your co-workers doing this, understand with love and understand.

  3. Hands often put soap and wash it for 20 seconds. Need to wash your hands before and after putting the gloves. Keep your fingers clean as much as possible.

It is very important to know that the 6. Circus Cow 2 virus will be destroyed immediately if you apply with soap. It can be easily destroyed without alcohol based sanitiser.

This virus will be spread fast in the places where 7. People are busy. So be careful not to be in the crowd. This is the most important priority.

45 people who went to sing a church in the washing town state of the 60 people who went to sing a chair in a church in the washing town state of America are an unknown proof of this viral.

Avoid 8. Lift Maximum, especially when you are busy. There are more likely to breathe in the atmosphere of the atmosphere. There may be dirt and patients due to many people press their finger and patients.

  1. in the hospital, those who do duty in the hospital are required for those who do duty to go to other places in the organization where they do not allow to go to other places in the organization. Patients with these symptoms should also look at the hospital. This is an important control to prevent the spread of virus.

  2. If they have fever, cough, cold and cold, stay home without going to work. This is so that others may not get sick.

  3. Patients hiding travel information is a post, so everyone needs to be involved in the guess that there is a possibility of disease. Now there is no value to say that there is no contact with anyone from Italy, or more from China. If he takes care of him and his family will be good.

Experts say that there is an official notification about 12. Community spread or not, there are many affected people in our public society. The number of them will continue to increase without knowing. The number of patients watching on tv seems to be less because there is no way to diagnose them.

Do not treat the patient without it in the places where it is done. Different standards in each circumstances, follow as per the right order.

For example, when you are doing the process of asansol, trade section, it is more important than taking care of the patient in the op. Ideas for this, ministry of health and family welfare (Mohfw) has been published by the government of India.

Mohfw recommend two types of magic: N95- And Triple Layer Surgical mask. All over the world has become a problem. This is a natural way made fabric mask, but it is officially not yet given to health workers.

Surgical mass k must be worn according to the current standard while working in busy places of 14. Patients.

Watch the mohfw-AIIMS training videos that describe the way of 15. Mass K. If you go wrong, the risk of infection will only increase. I need to see the color of the mask outside; there is no touch with hands and touch. When the mass k is taken away, be careful about this.

  1. Do the steps without mistake while doing handwashing.

  2. Invest in the points for mass k, win etc before leaving after work. Don’t keep these in your pocket or hand bag for any reason. Just like that, do disinfect with pen, scissors, spectacles etc with sanitiser or soap.

  3. Mobile phone becomes a mix of patients, so start it once a day with sāniṟṟisaṟēā, a little soap, a little soap or ṟṟiṣyūvēā.

Travelling outside the hospital wearing a uniform on the hospital wearing a uniform on 19. is not proud of many reasons.

  1. When you get home, you need to wash and wash your hands and bath immediately. Washing a little shampoo on your hair while taking bath will help you get rid of your hair first.

  2. If you are brought in the hospital (uniform and casual dress), if you are brought home and wash it with normal soap, then there won’t be any dust of virus.

  3. If you are worried about the other people in the house, tell them slowly and understand them. Studies have proved that David will not be able to do if we follow proper instructions.

  4. Now start discussing the activities that may be later announced as a kēāviḍ treatment center. If there are aparyāptatakaൾ, there is no chance to get the chance to solve and avoid the doubts.

In 24. Foreign countries, health workers have a lot of David suffering, and many have died. But reports suggest that some of them have worked without knowing or not to follow the standards.

  1. So, if you hear it is simple, realize that it is very powerful, please share this knowledge to others, and have discussions.

PS. Most of the things here are the standard (Universal) precautions, or the habit of health workers, or the habit of health workers should always follow. When Kohli arrived, many people remembered these because of fear.