Important notice guys, please take note :-


Hey guys a group of 10-15 of us went to meet NBE officers today and they have said categorically that if they receive sufficient number of emails regarding candidates who are willing to opt for FREE EXIT from the DNB CET counseling , They will provide a formal option to do so.

This will not only ensure that candidates who have opted for seats in state/central quota/deemed/TN state etc and yet had to unwillingly opt for seat in DNB R2 after payment due to short time gap or non completion of counseling in their respective states will get an option to leave possibly with refund &/or Non debarment from DNB but also ensure that seat goes to next candidate by virtue of merit in second round allotment who are not allowed anyway in further round.

In this regard please mail NBE with your details in the proforma which is being attached down below. We have only one day to achieve this guys.

Email format:-

Dear Sir/Madam

Subject- Regarding opting for free exit from DNB CET POST MBBS counselling.

In accordance with the conversation with you at the NBE office Dwarka regarding opting for DNB seat post completion of state round counsellings/Deemed/Central Quota Mop up, I would like to bring following details to your attention.

  1. There was no option to exercise a free exit from counselling after round 1 for those allotted any seat. The only option available was to freeze the allotted choice and due to the time being so limited some of us had to unwillingly opt for seat in round 2.

  2. Given an option to exercise FREE EXIT from counselling process, I would like to leave the allotted seat of round 1 DNB so it can be vacated and transferred to the next candidate by virtue of merit.

Kindly provide an option to exercise FREE EXIT from the DNB CET counselling before allotment of round 2 so as to ensure merit wise allocation of seat.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

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this is something hard to believe. seems fake. if they’ll get email, they will do… why dont they publish a notice regarding that. did you guys actually meet?

you believe what I say ? Or you asking just to make some confusion here?
Well we did meet…And nbe officials gave this suggestion regarding our need. They can’t give a notice just because 10 people went and meet. But if everyone email them, they might consider.

again what if they would not consider even after the emails. it ll be either they ditched as they always do or you never met. hope you could have done a hidden camera video recording of that discussion

Yeah right. Did you just say that ? Hidden cameras ? Good luck buddy.
And suggestions are always welcomed if you have any.

ok i am sending mail because i hv alloted seat from my state…
every body should send mail and should leave dnb good seats for other merit candidate