In 24 hours, 1500 of the srilankan have 1500 litres of water


In 24 hours, 1500 of the srilankan have 1500 litres of water, of which 180 litres of urine are extracted. The kidney exclude the renal urine which contains irregular materials and unnecessary items. ۔ ۔

In the condition of youth and fitness, the kidney is about 11 sim tall ’ 5 TO 7 SIM wide and 2.5 sim is fat. In every kidney, more than 10 lakh groove or ny̰frạn (Nephran) or There are filters which are continuously made by preparing urine and sending drop of drop through the kidneys.

If your skin is getting dry and itching, then you should drink more water and take advice from the doctor before taking any medicine for the itching.

If the kidney is damaged, the amount of potassium in the body is increasing, which comes in the form of a minor fast in the heartbeat.

Due to lack of kidney performance, the ạly̰ḵٹrwlạỷٹ become a victim of balance, for example the reduction in the level of illnesses and the control of phosphorus is the cause of pride.

When the kidney is not able to perform its functions properly, the poisonous material can not remove the urine from the body and live in the blood, the level of this content becomes difficult to sleep and it is a complaint of the helpless. Get born.

To Avoid Kidney diseases, use of water, smoking and mwٹạpے is necessary.

Take care of yourself and your connected relationships.