In a core competitive exam

In a core competitive exam ease of the paper and selection chances are never in any equilibrium so let’s not make any predictions as of now…don’t post everything just the ones u feel there could b a catch or something u felt lacked clarity…as with the French open where its closely followed by Wimbledon no time to rewind and evaluate its about gearing up for neet…as with today’s paper its those questions that d mass answers nd we due to a small lapse or mayb a weird thought process miss which cost us dear…so carry on…

totally agree with u sir ultimately decision for answer depends on only paper setters !So why to be anxious for answers as we can get result in 4 days then everyone will knew the deficiency we suffered in that standard paper which will be helpful in Neet for sure !better to run behind topics and subjects than involved in searching for answers by just one’s opinion as nobody knows the exact terminology which was there in question paper everyone believe their answers are right and will lead to partiality

Absolutely sir