In bond posting in West Bengal, are you posted there as a specialist

In bond posting in West Bengal, are you posted there as a specialist or as a GP as well?Please clarify seniors from West Bengal.

They never posted as GP . Always Specialist

how come u so much sure?? I have heard that u can be required to do anything if situation arises …be it conducting a delivery or treating snake bite whatever be ur background specialization

peripheral posting hole sob krte hbe medical college hole SR tor bhagge jmn posting porbe tmn

Supposed to be posted as specialist. Tai hoy usually. But I have seen pgs posted as gdmo. Psychiatry pgt posting peyeche emon jagae jekhane psychi opd hoyna!

amader sobai designatef slaves hisebe treat kora hoi…ebong parle konodin haspatal chottor poriskarer kajeo lagate pare

You’ll be posted as specialist. But work will be like gdmo mostly if it is not in medical College

Emergency duty normal medicine ward duty sob ei korte hoy Jodi sub-divisional hospital e duty pore… Only medical College e Jodi duty pore tale senior resident hisebe quality work kora Jai

basically jodi catch thake plus luck valo thke tahole medical college guloy pawa jay , thats good

Depends from where u did your pg.Jodi Kolkata theke hoi, then you gey better places.

not like this , counselng happend acc to pg marks for the year 2019 , but before and after that random counselng occurred, and most of the people get respective districts of their address

posted as specialist but have to work as GDMO , you will have to report post mortem, do emergency, do ward duty … do general opd everything,

Those who passed in 2020 are being asked to do whatever the cmoh asks them to do…majority of them in covid duties…few in bphc,rural hospitals doing general duty, fewer in state generals doing sometimes duty of their speciality with additional gen emergency(if med ped gyne sx radio) and even few doing desk jobs in cmoh offices

Depends many times on subject also…supposed to be posted as specialist…if you md pathology then definitely gdmo…

But mostle Anasthesia,psychiatry and opthalmology and gynae I have heard definite specialist posting

most of the time,i mean almost 90 % govt posted as MO in periphery hospital during bond posting