In case of recurrent pseudomembranous colitis

In case of recurrent pseudomembranous colitis, shouldn’t we give vancomycin taper regime before fecal microbiota transplant?

Very clear Vanco isn’t working…keep giving kidney and cochlea will b lost…

ok sir but in the first question, I got it wrong by marking fecal microbiota transplant. There the ans given was vanco taper regime after vanco failure once. Should I jump and mark fecal microbiota next time?

If I am not wrong, it’s like this:

First episode - Vanco/Fidaxo

Second episode - Vanco/Fidaxo

Third episode - Fecal microbiota transplant.

well by that logic the answer to the second question should be vanco taper regime and not fecal microbiota transplant

Can you share the MCQ id of the 1st question/ or the table for Rx of 1/2/3 episode…

That’s a GT question (back on track GT surgery question)