In My UG final year practical exam viva

In My UG final year practical exam viva.

Medicine HOD told me infront of the external that " he has never seen me in d ward ",(complete BS , he even used to Mock my surname for the funs in postings) .

After i answered the questions asked by the external , Hod started asking me questions ,when I start answering for one question ,he would very quickly change into next question without letting me finish the answer for previous question. (*Like the snake he is *)

After confusing me successfully ,

he said “you will fail if you answer like this”

Thing is I was not prepared for this kind of scenario in viva ,he didn’t target me much in classes , so I thought I was safe. But boy, was i wrong.

I was on the verge of tears , holding it together only by a thread.

Somehow I managed to do ok in the viva with others.

Then results came , i didn’t make it in medicine practicals by 1 mark.

I lived in a nightmare for 6months & came out stronger , eventhough a little jaded.

P S : He was demoted from HOD post in those 6 months . Yes karma is a btch.

Story of every govt medical College!

Hats off to you!! Mam.

Did they provide you the stipend for those 6 months?

Charak Godbole UR no , that’s before the internship is started.

MBBS needs the same structure as DNB as well. The person will be judged only on his or her performance on that day

definitely I’m able to argue without fear against my hod as my passing is not in his hands . DNB structure is one of the best . Else this Gurukul mbbs md ms is turning for worst

What a sadistic loser!..I see a female version of him every day when I go to work though.🙂

Almost same but i got harassed by my pathology hod & got me failed in praticals with 1 mark

Because i m dating a girl belonging to his caste , but i m not of same caste