In neet 2021 my rank was 49k

I have followed dams till now.

In neet 2021 my rank was 49k.but I didn’t read anything for this neet 22 and my rank is 89k. Now I want to give neet 23 with full dedication. Can anyone suggest me should I subscibe marrow or other app?

My dams notes are too old and I don’t think my concepts are clear with dams.

Please suggest how to go further

sir i was a dams 2020 regular batch student…couldn’t do well in the last 2 neet exams due to personal reasons. I want to prepare for neet 2023 again… will my notes be too old or is it enough to join a t n d only?? If so which one should I join?? Please suggest

Just do rapid revision from prep ladder …u just need practice mcqs,GTs and more revision…ur basics r good as u got 49k and 89k(as u haven’t done preparation)…without basics no guy can qualify even neetpg …so don’t worry …u will come next yr with flying colors and writing gratitude post here for opting dream branch with dream college 😊

All d best for ur preparation and strategy and neetpg23

If you already have dams notes, supplement them with dams tnd and marrow plan B. Dont go for regular course again in any platform.

If u want we can study together