In our day and age, B12 is dearly needed

In our day and age, B12 is dearly needed. B12 reserves are diminishing with each generation that goes by and deficiencies are growing at an alarming rate. In truth, almost everyone is deficient in B12 today.
Even if you get a blood test that shows you are high in B!2, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the kind of B12 your body can use. Listen to the Medical Medium podcast on Apple podcasts titled “B12 Trick-or-Treat: You Don’t Get It From Meat” to understand how this works
The body relies on B12 for thousands of daily functions.


*Is critical for the nervous system

*Supports and repairs the endocrine system

*Boosts mental and emotional health

*Builds the immune system

*Protects against neurotoxins from viruses such as EBV

*Strengthens neurotransmitter chemicals

*Keeps homocysteine levels down, which helps reduce inflammation

*Is critical for methylation

*Helps with liver cell communication

*Helps keep the liver out of stagnation

*Strengthens hepatocytes and all other liver cells, as well as liver lobules

*Helps prevent the liver’s blood vessels from atrophying

*Helpful for every symptom and condition

In my B12 podcast, I share that the best kind of supplement to take is B12 with methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin. Together, they make the perfect combination to support your B12 needs. For starters, methylcobalamin is good for your eyes, hearing, heart, nervous system, and adrenals. And adenosylcobalamin is good for your central nervous system, spleen, pancreas, liver, and endocrine system. It’s critical to have both of these types of B12. They work as a team to help with the triggers we are up against on this planet, the emotional hardships, and the physical struggles we can go through. They work in combination to battle obstacles together. It’s a combined coenzyme power. You can check out my Supplement Directory on for the B12 I like best and other supplements of the highest quality