In spite of getting good ranks,why should we have to suffer by not allowing in tn state counseling,

In spite of getting good ranks,why should we have to suffer by not allowing in tn state counseling,guys remember how much we worked hard to get our dream branch,we have to raise these issue or else life long we have to suffer,today mcc is not allowing AIQ allotted to exit,then what’s the use by getting good ranks and today many are unhappy by these counseling process

Those who were allotted and took admission. You obviously didn’t want to take a chance with your life, very understanble, what happened is the fault of tn authorities not conducting the counseling in a fair manner. But i think the decision to not let candidates who have joined in all india to drop out is a very good move. Seat wastage would be unthinkable otherwise. And leaving your seat now will be a grave injustice to someone else

you can’t have the cake and eat it too. You can’t deprive someone else of an all india seat and now cry seeing the seat matrix.

There is still enough time to conduct mop up. So stop with this seat wastage drama and accept the injustice

How will a mop.up benefit the meritorious. You can claim one thing in one place and ask for things that will have the exact polar affects in ai

People who get the seats the ai tn candidates vacate in mop up will not be the people who deserved it in the first place…just like TN counseling

Just like TN? So you are accepting this is injustice? Good.

Yeah. How can I call it fair. It definitely isn’t. But MCC is not the one at fault here. The decision to not let ai candidates participate for state counselings was one of the best decisions taken this year.

Most of the states has followed sc orders… state R1, AIR1, state R2, AIR2… Those states candidates has got so many options of taking seats in both state and AI counseling… But in TN, they ll NEVER follow any of the SC rules not even the release of merit list @scheduled time… TN govt purposely avoided AIQ merit students by delaying everything, planned a great master plan and finally not even allowed them in counseling hall quoting the SC rules now… So how come u all consider those helpless merit TN ppl who got stuck in AIQ seats as if they are seat blockers… And u all keep on blaming on those AI joined ppl… Remember those TN ppl who got seats in North and other states are the good rankers and they too hav all equal rights to participate in TN counseling like others… Don’t u all not even think tis as injustice to deserving candidates…

You can’t be the definition of a seat blocker and add your own sob story to justify it. It’s a black or white thing. You’re either a seat blocker or you aren’t. But…but… yeah true tn played you dirty. But asking to be allowed to drop out now from an ai seat with no penalty is very very unfair to the rest of India.

Mozhi N yerkanavee mark eduthitu pudicha seat eduka mudiyama neraya per kadupula irukanga… Plzz dont justify what they did to us… Ungalukuu thn seat kidachiruchula pesaama gammunu poonga jee… there r sum ppl who got gud marks nd couldnt compromise for their branch nd they r now in other states in god knws in what mental state… vakkalathu vangamma dme office munnadi poi poojai podunga

Dont u have the hearts…saying seat blocker blah blah blah. Go and c d alloted list of kerela telengana they have blocked d seats legally (because mcc told them they can resign up to 19 April on that tym all India round two got over all the seats got reverted to state) dats meant to b seat blocking…don’t hurt already hurted people’s you got seat la withdat b happy.don justify all India took candidates r culprits…

Yes bro,those who attend or having chance or having known their merit positions and fate already in both state and all india have no rights to speak anything rubbish about who dont have these chances

Those candidates are having two good seats one via all India one via state they a deciding what to take dat much tym mcc given to them.and allowed to resign till 19 April if it happened before all India r2 at least the pitty people from tn participated in all India could have some move…plss Don speak I’ll of them… at least b silent

It’s all fair and justice when it benefits them !!! …finally it is our fault nd we are all called as seat blockers !!! Shame … it’s better to stay away in a differnt place from these people !! Than to hear all this nonsense !..

Hereafter tis useless TN counseling wil be like tis rubbish oly… Those getting good ranks gonna get in All India and ppl far behind them gonna get in state… So finally TN govt made candidates intake into PG counseling worser than NEET UG and samacheer kalvi education… Those Corrupted culprits are the reason for tis worst thing happening everywhere…

Mozhi N ,kudos ,u alone kicked the butts of many who tried to take u down by not Taking responsibility for their action n playing victims
To say the least even I participated in deemed couselling n lost 2lakhs
Now shd I blame rankers above my rank to get alloted in second round and not join the seat which I wanted
Hats off to u ,ur courage
But obvious"once a seat blocker always a seat blocker"