In the module of paralytic squint

in the module of paralytic squint, it was taught that the main motor nucleus of Occulomotor nerve supplies the extraocular muscles (suppled by paired nuclei, i.e., right and left nuclei) ipsilaterally except for the superior rectus, i.e., supplied contralaterally (i.e., left nucleus supplies superior rectus of the right eye, and vice versa), but in case of Occulomotor nerve palsy, the patient should have presented with contralateral Hypotropia instead of ipsilateral Hypotropia , but this isn’t the case, sir why? With kind regards.

If nuclear lesion, then, c/l sr palsy (as taught)

Do you know the 3rd nerve anatomy - parts/psth?

Right sir, if the lesion is extranuclear, i.e., at the level of Superior cerebellar artery, or at posterior cerebral artery, or at the lateral wall of cavernous sinus, or at the superior orbital fissure, then ipsilateral palsy of the respective extraocular muscles will be seen, I confused the site of lesion thining nuclear lesion of Occulomotor nerve and Occulomotor nerve palsy being the simultaneous consequence. Thank You sir for your priceless time and connecting with me, its an honor.