In West Bengal "Rural medical practitioners association"has been formed

In West Bengal "Rural medical practitioners asso"has been formed… They will practise medicine…so quackery is gettg recognised…whats d role of MD med now?

No such things in my state - Tamil Nadu.

We have to be united and curb this at beginning itself.

the reason behind that is our state has an excellent primary care system.

North and South India are much better in health service and job

To Stand with their Degrees during MCI Inspection

That’s why a country should have less number of people with great number of educated population percentage.

Hon’ble CM has supported quacks to fill the gap of doctors in rural areas ! What else do you need ?

Geopolitics of a state/land paves way for these non-sense.

Hmm thats why no gdmo recruitment in state for long time
yeah ,there’s already no dental service recruitment for 6 years,mbbs is doomed too

So will these affect the bond posting ? Like SR will have to do more odd jobs now??

People in rural areas mostly choose service providers on the basis of fees they are charging.If a Problem is solved by 50-100 rs consultation they will go to a bcom graduate for fever ,cough etc. But in metros people value md and dm degrees so they will choose qualified people over quacks. As we get more speciality specific our patient profile will also change.

exactly… In city also pt party is coming and saying … Call a cardio nephrologist… Urologist for uti problem… Situation is grave… But radio surgery are still not that much affected

extremely wrong…they wont spend 100 rs to consult an mbbs but they are very much fond of offering 2000 to any quack or ojha…

It’s high time to act otherwise the day is not far when quackery will be recognized in all states of India

absolutely… If they will get recognition we will lose our jobs… Already there is dearth of jobs in the market for us