India is picking hand

India is picking hand

Korana is going to rise very fast in India… Death also increasing, what is india going to do…

What can india do with poverty, medical plots and doctors, in deficiency… in this situation 21 days curfew is wrong decision… If it goes like this, what will you do without explode… have written like this Is this bbc man


B. P. B. P. Western Magazines / channels such as c., France 24, New York times are making India’s butt.

Oh h all foreign magazine,

75000 people in Italy, 7505 of them died

Korana virus for 70000 people in the third place of America (I think it will catch the first place soon),

For 25000 people in France, including Elizabeth Son Charles, including Elizabeth Son Charles.

Your Western world is screaming that the Netherlands, Spain

In our country only 606 people are affected by korana… 44 people have been healed in that too… Only 11 people.

In this situation yesterday new patients 121…
Today new patients 62… Ok half

In this situation, the world’s intellectuals are showing their finger towards us. Hospital decrease in India, very low bed facilities for patients. Poverty is more. I don’t know what will happen.

In This, the 21-day curfew days curfew days curfew days. Many poor people can die. The Revolution is likely to explode. They cry like this.

Hey White Witches, look at your butt. There is no democratic country which can be done in these things like India.

There is only one fault in our country… We grab democracy, that is the only fault

Take the aquarius mela. Six crore people will come in a single day. All this is happening in poverty state in Uttar Pradesh, but the biggest crowd in the world are Indians. That too for hundreds of years.

Take fake yo, almost 17 crore children went home to home and destroyed it in any other country in the world.

India is the biggest production in any other country like ‘Generic’ medicines. It is not possible in any other country. There is no other country to shake India in total production of drugs.

Indians know something uncontrollable to see, but for thousands of years this society will turn into control very soon as soon. Those who have many crores of service in the society will raise awareness among the uncontrollable and make a solution.

If you spare aside the cities, the number of selfish people are very low in India. Moreover, like China, millions of people here can’t kill and hide and hide the dead piles. So India is planning as a very precautionary measures. Though the loss of production loss is given to the country, think about the result if lakhs of people are affected by Chinese virus. India will have to face how big expenses such as medical expenses and compensation.

So, even if indians face short term problems, they will soon be repeated from this korana. The great leader is leading India. Thirty crores of Gods are waiting for it. What else do we need?

Everything is the money of Krishna.