Infertility does not have to be continued for a long time or for more than a year


Infertility does not have to be continued for a long time or for more than a year. This problem is you or
You can also be with your partner. Other than that, the dy̰grʿwạml are important to do not stay in pregnancy. There is no need for a problem. The Doctor’s help increases the chances of getting pregnant in the couples.


The reasons for infertility in men and women are as follows:
1 Infertility in men

  • the unusual sperm of the sperm
  • abnormal sperm function
  • sperm moves in motion
  • Disadvantages of ry̰ڈy̰ỷy̰sẖn
    2 Infertility in women
  • the errors of by̰ḍ
  • the problems of the mercy of y̰ạsrwy̰ḵl
  • bad dirt error
  • obstacle in the dirt of dirt
  • a womb tumor
  • lack of primary uterus uterus
  • Plwḵ Adhesionss (jڑjạnạ due to dwḥṣwں)


Its a clear symbol of pregnancy. Even if you don’t have any partner in this world.

Diagnosis and treatment

The following tests are held for infertility diagnosis:
Test for men * mini ḵạtjzy̰ہ

  • hormones testing
  • Jy̰ny̰ٹḵ testing
  • the bạỷy̰wpsy̰ of testicles
  • imaging
    Test for women
  • testing of by̰ḍ
  • ہSٹy̰rwsy̰lpngwgrạfy̰
  • testing of ellipse dani
  • hormones testing
  • imaging
  • ہSٹy̰rwạsḵwpy̰
  • Ly̰prwạsḵwpy̰
    Treatment for men
  • change in life
  • medicines
  • surgery
  • sperm ḵạdwbạrہ achieve
    Treatment for women
  • medicines for the sake of by̰ḍ
  • bloodshed of mercy
  • surgery to protect from infertility
    The following steps can be taken to help those couples who are not able to get pregnancy.
  • Ạnٹry̰sạỷy̰ٹwplạzmḵ sperm injection
    ٭Assisted hatching
  • Srwgy̰ٹ