Info about MD and DNB Radiology in Gujarat

Info about MD and DNB Radiology in Gujarat.

MD Radiology preference in Gujarat

  1. BJMC Ahmedabad

  2. Jamnagar ( A bit difficult to travel if you are coming from other state )

  3. Vadodara

  4. Surat

  5. Rajkot

  6. Bhavnagar

To people opting gujarat Radiology from other state,

If you don’t know Gujarati then it won’t be a big issue. People here are very supportive. If you have good nature youvwill be accepted and it holds true for Gujaratis and nongujaratis both.

Infact drop rate in my year was much higher in local students… Total 12 students took drop in all branch when I was in first year among that 8 were local students.

There is no discrimination for language. Discrimination is as per your nature.

Even though I am borught up in gujarat but gujarati is not my first language.

Review of BJMC Ahmedabad Radiology :

Total seats - 18

Stipend - 84k, 85k, 87k ( without any tax deduction )

Bond - For state quota it is 40 lac or 1 year. For all india quota there is no bond.

Modalities: USG, CT, MRI, Xray and fluro ( procedures )

Working hours in first year : 9 to 5 daily with around 1 or 2 emergency every week. This less emergency is due to more number of residents.

Out of 18 total seats around 6 every year open into GCRI, the criteria is your all india rank so basically if your all india rank is good you will stay at BJMC proper. GCRI is an cancer institution located within the campus of bjmc.

Department is quite cool compared to any other radiology deparrment with a variety of cases and relatively good academics.

Emergency scans ( ct and mri ) are outsourced ( to sahyog imaging ) hence you can concentrate on your routine scans and give enough time to them and retrogradely learn many thing.

In deprtment:

USG approx 400 to 500 per day.

CT approx 60 to 70 per day.

MRI approx 30 to 40 per day.

Which are good enough to learn.

The department is cosmopolitan and have many residents who are not local and belongs to variety of states across India.

( infact bjmc has near 400 pg seats out of which 200 goes to all india quota and 150 of them comes from different parts of india ).

No any sort of unwanted toxicity or harassment in department. Even professors are quite supportive.

In short you can practice independtly as soon as you pass out from BJMC, this is very important.

DNB Radiology in gujarat.

All the institutes are bang average. All are corporates with little hands on even in USG and null hands on in CT and MRI.

4 Accrediated institute, preference wise

  1. GIC ( better than others in Gujarat by a mile, hands on is good on comparison but stipend is an issue )

  2. Apollo gandhinagar ( new institutions, open 2 years ago ,no ct or mri hands on )

  3. Shalby ahmedabad ( bang average )

  4. Kiran Hospital ( first batch to be admitted ).

I repeat take gujarat dnb Radiology only if you are not getting any good institute in other state.

Thank you.

Very informative…but to add to this

For other clinical branches where there is direct patient interraction…one should be well versed with Gujarati as most of the patients are poor,villagers from outskirts of the city…mostly from rural area and lower middle class who don’t know much other than kindly keep this thing in mind.