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Inicet 2021 - 7k

Inicet 2022- 408

Neet 2022- 308

I did mbbs from Government medical College Kottayam and I only started my preparation after internship. I decided marrow was the best for me even though my seniors and peers said it was too vast to complete . I made that decision and stuck onto it and I’m soo glad that I did. I only used marrow as my source of preparation except for a very few GTs that I gave from other sources. I would like to thank all the awesome faculties of marrow and all the people behind making such great content. Some points which I believe might be useful…

  • Choose one platform and stick to it throughout your journey …trust it

  • It is important to do at least three revisions and the aim should be to minimise the amount of content for the subsequent revisions

  • Revise all the subjects ( the highlighted, bookmarked ones )in the last two weeks.

  • GTs every month starting from the very beginning and in the last 2 months try to give once in two weeks or every week

  • Do the MCQs of the corresponding subjects that you are watching and add the important points on to your notes

  • And always remember to take short breaks in between to relieve stress and prevent burn out

‘When you want something, all of the universe conspires to help you achieve it’.

There will be times of self doubt during your preparation…it happens to everyone…just find your own way to push through those times,aim high and believe in yourself…

All the best.