Inputs / Minor Mistakes that are not an issue at all

Inputs / Minor Mistakes that are not an issue at all

Selected wrong year of passing. Understood it wrong
Mentioned something else in enrollment number. Whatever be it
Entered partial University or institute name since space was not available. Entered whatever here.
Spelling mistake in mother's name and now to register I had to enter the name with the same spelling mistake - only then I was able to register.
Choosing AFMS priority 1,2,3,4 (instead of priority 5 which is for civilians) - Only impact is that you wont be able to attend AFMS under Priority 5.
Selected NRI in the NEET PG exam form by mistake. But should have selected Indian. Now showing as NRI during regn. - Anyways you would not have sent NRI documents and you would not be seeing NRI options and you would not be part of NRI list shared. You wont be allotted NRI seats anyways. This is not an issue during admissions.
Wrong current address mentioned. I have one permanent address, one temporary address, I just moved between locations, which one should I fill? 

Other personal details like marital status etc, that could change between exam and now happens for many candidates. These are ok.
None of these matter. Go ahead with the choice filling. These fields are not used anywhere and are not scrutinized during admission. As long as you have the original certificates enough. (even if the above info does not match). So confidently go ahead

Many seem to have missed selecting NBEMS DNB during registration. Please mail MCC. They have earlier accommodated such requests.

sir if allotted a seat in AI round 1 and don’t accept that seat then the ammount will be forfeited? And will be eligible for round 2 and mopup?

Sir, hv click on university of medical sciences in clg options instead of others but during selection I select aiq n DNB …is there any problem